Start with a Week: 3 steps in the right direction

Are you having trouble finding the motivation and strength to get started on your fitness journey? That’s okay – you’re not alone. I know how it feels to be eager to get started, but somehow unable to take your first step. Getting started is always the hardest part. But getting started doesn’t have to be traumatic. It doesn’t require months of planning. In fact, all it takes is a moment – this moment. Let’s start with a week.

Want more motivation? Here are three steps you can take this week to get started on your fitness journey.

Want to start on your fitness journey? Start with a week!

Three Steps to Success: start with a week

First, start by setting a clear, attainable goal. When it comes to beginning goal setting, less is more. As a health coach, I tell my clients to start with five pounds, either to gain or to lose. Write this down! Keep it in a small notebook dedicated to your goals and your progress (Michael likes to keep his in a personal blog).

Next, pick one action you can take daily to achieve this goal. This can be as small as 20 minutes of daily activity, all the way up to an hour of daily activity. Commit to this for at least one week. I like to plan out my week every Sunday, but you don’t have to wait for a Sunday to start your goals.

[pullquote-left]We love hearing from you! Commit to your goal and hold yourself accountable by letting us know what goal you set for yourself in the comments down below![/pullquote-left]

Finally, set a daily reminder. Change the lock screen on your phone, write an inspirational quote on your bathroom mirror, or simply keep your notebook beside your bed. Find something to remind you daily of what you set out to accomplish. Personally, I like to keep all of this in my journal and write a quick note for myself at the end of every day.

A page from a weekly goal-setting and goal-tracking notebook that shows how wins start with a week and a plan.

A typical week from my goal-setting notebook. Still totally dead.

Celebrate your wins!

If you spend your first week taking names, give yourself a round of applause and celebrate! While you’re up on that mountain celebrating, bust out your notebook and do it again! Keep that momentum going! Add something to the list! Try eating breakfast daily or avoiding junk food.

Want more? Read how our fitness blog got started!

If you start with a week, and continue to take your journey one week at a time, you will make progress. Focus on one aspect of health and fitness at a time. This journey is going to take time, effort, and consistency. A journal of your goals is powerful because it keeps you focused and sets your intention. The most powerful thing you can do is to wake up with intention.

But don’t beat yourself up

Another point: we’re all human. You’re not always going to hit your goal on the first try. Sometimes it’s going to take longer than expected. Remember what matters: progression, not perfection. If you’re feeling better and getting healthier, give yourself credit for what you have accomplished so far.

Do you set a weekly goal? I would love to know if you do, or if you plan to try it out! Let me know in the comments section down below, or better yet – upload a snapshot of your entries for the week and tag @gettwofit on Instagram!

Got five more minutes? Try our new five-minute arm workout for beginners!

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  1. Kristina Hunt says:

    When I turned 41 I stepped on the scale and weighed close to 215 pounds. I was debated. It seemed as though it had just creeped up on me. I didn’t even realize I weighed close to that much. I was determined to lose weight. All if my thirties I spent yo-yo dieting. I tried literally EVERYTHING!!! Diet pills and every excersise machine that came out. I was looking for an easy way to lose weight. I mean, I knew it wasn’t going to easy, but I wanted to be able to eat what I wanted and still lose weight. That’s what ALL the ads say. Right? As I began this journey I knew that everything I had tried before did not work and for every pound I lost I gained 5 more back. So this time I looked at my nutrition. I decided I was going to change the way I ate and excersise. That first month I lost 15 pounds. I was so excited. It motivated me to keep going. I tried different things that I could do that I also liked. Because let’s face it, 200 pounds is a lot of weight to carry around while your trying to walk up a hill or doing jumping jacks. It’s crazy how hard that was. I kept thinking to myself, how did I get so out of shape, I can’t even do a push up??? Ugh!!! I loved watching The Biggest Loser and of course Jillian Michaels! She is a tough trainer, but watching the show you see it’s more than just working out. I kept eating vegetables, fruits and proteins. I kept my diet very plain, but with all of my nutrition. I bought Jillian’s workout videos and by the end if 4 months I was down to 170 pounds. I felt amazing. Crazy, because I was still overweight, but taking off 45 pounds helped me in so many ways. At the time I was a manager of a very busy restaurant. I noticed how much easier it was for me to run around and not feel my knees or back hurt. Or not get winded just trying to run a tray if good to a table. That 49 pounds made a big impact on how I felt while I was doing Jillian’s videos. I embraced that feeling and kept going. Ten months later I was down to 145 pounds wearingy daughters jeans!!! I felt amazing!!! Excersise was just a part of my daily routine and it didn’t feel like a sacrifice. I had much energy. I felt like I could do anything!!! Well, life happens and let’s face it, bad food tastes so freaking good!!! I was still working out, but I was eating all of the bad foods I had given up during my journey. Well, over that year I gained back 40 pounds, and eventually just stopped excersing. At that time my daughter started her journey with herbal life. Eventually I started doing the shakes too. I did a weight loss challenge and won!!! I lost 24 pounds & 14 inches in 8 weeks. I had injured my knee, so I was very limited in what I could do as far as excersing. That’s what made me realize how important nutrition is during weight loss and maintenance. Those “good tasting” foods are chemicals that make you addicted so you will crave more. You have to feed your body the proper nutrients to not only maintained a healthy weight, but to FEEL good. It’s the little things that make you see this, like being able to walk on the beach with my dog and not feel my knees or back hurt. Nutrition to me is more important than excersise. But I do strongly believe in yoga, it keeps you flexible! Keep up the great work, you can amaze yourself!!!

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