5-Minute Plank Workout for Beginners

Got five minutes!? Wanna get sweaty with us and build a heck of a core!? Try this plank workout for beginners!

Full Plank: One minute

Our 5-minute beginner's plank workout begins with one full minute of holding the full plank position, AKA the "up" part of the push-up position. Here, Jessica illustrates the full plank push-up position.

We begin our beginner’s plank workout with full plank, or the “up” portion of a push-up. Notice that her hands are directly under her shoulders and that she is making a straight line from her shoulders all the way down to her heels. She’s pulling in her belly button and holding her core tight. Hold this position for one full minute. You may drop down to your knees if you need to.

Half-Plank: One minute

Jessica illustrates the half-plank position, or a plank resting on your forearms. This is deceptively challenging and an excellent plank workout for beginners.

For the next portion of our plank workout for beginners, Jessica drops from her hands to her elbows and forearms for half-plank. She continues to hold her core very tight. She pushes her heels toward the wall behind her, rolls her shoulder blades down her back, and imagines the crown of her head reaching toward the wall in front of her. We will hold half-plank for a full minute. Again, don’t hesitate to drop to your knees if you need to.

Side-Plank (Left arm): 30 seconds

Jessica illustrates the side plank position, holding on her left arm, with her right arm extending straight toward the ceiling.

Jessica gets into side plank, beginning with her knee on the ground to support her weight. She straightens out the lower arm, straightens her legs toward the end of the mat, reaches high overhead with her right arm, opens her chest, and remembers to keep her hips in line with the rest of her body. You don’t want to drop your hips toward the floor or push them up too high. Remember to keep that core tight!

Side-Plank (Right arm): 30 seconds

Jessica from Get Two Fit shows us what the side plank looks like. She is supporting her body with her right arm and has her left arm reaching toward the ceiling.

Are you feeling the burn yet? We’re officially half-way through our 5-minute core workout! Yes!

Jessica rolls over to her other side and holds the side plank with her other arm. All the rules stay the same. Hang in there! 30 seconds!

Full Plank: 30 seconds

Get back into full plank (the push-up position) and hold it for 30 seconds this time!

Knees to chest: 30 seconds

Jessica illustrates bringing alternating knees into her chest from the full push-up position or full plank position. If you're a plank workout beginner, you may have difficulty doing this, especially if you have issues with flexibility.

Don’t drop out of full plank yet! Alternating your legs, bring one knee in toward your chest as far as you can. This is going to depend heavily on both your strength and flexibility, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t bring it all the way in. Try to keep a steady pace and do as many of these as you can in 30 seconds while maintaining good form!

Half-Plank (Right leg raised): 30 seconds

Jessica from Get Two Fit illustrates the half-plank position with her right leg lifted in the air and her toe pointing straight back at the wall behind her.

We have one minute left on our beginner’s plank workout. Return to half-plank and raise your right leg. You can choose how high to lift your leg in this particular exercise. I like to go higher, while Jessica prefers holding it closer to the ground. Jessica points her toe toward the wall behind her, while I occasionally flex my foot to remind me to work my glutes while I do this. It’s up to you! Just remember to push energy, extending through your leg, and hold your core tight!

Half-Plank (Left leg raised): 30 seconds

Jessica shows us the half-plank pose again, this time lifting her left leg into the air. Her toe is pointed for added emphasis and to ensure her body stays tight.

Guess what, you guys!? We have 30 seconds left on our plank workout for beginners, so let’s finish strong! Drop your right foot and find your half-plank position again. Now lift the opposite leg and push through! You got this!

We love hearing from you guys! Let us know if you gave this plank workout for beginners a shot and how it went for you! Did you have to drop to your knees? If so, no problem! Take a rest and give it another shot, or work your way up to it over time! 

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