Gaining Weight During Dieting? 3 questions to ask yourself!

Here’s a reader question for you! Kimmi R. has been using our free coaching services for about a week now and asked, “Hey, I’m eating veggies for snacks and high fiber stuff and drinking a ton of water but I gained 3 lbs. WTF?” Good question! If you’re gaining weight during dieting, particularly at the beginning, here’s what’s going on and how to fix it.

Uh-oh! You've stepped on the scale and you just realized you've gained weight during your first week of dieting. What a crock! What are you supposed to do? Here's 3 questions to ask yourself.

Are you using your scale correctly?

First, and most importantly, I asked if she’s been weighing herself at the same time of day.

Normally, I don’t recommend weighing yourself every day, as scales have a tendency to do more harm than good, especially at the beginning of a diet plan. Kimmi had already done so, so I reiterated the importance of weighing yourself consistently.

Ideally, you should weigh yourself early in the morning, before you’ve started your day, but you can also do it right before you go to bed. Whatever time you choose, please stick to it. If not, a large meal can trick you into thinking you’ve packed on the pounds.

Kimmi said she’ll take that into consideration, so we moved on.

How are your clothes fitting?

After a week of dieting, your clothes may start to fit a little bit differently, if you’re making quick progress. Looser-fitting clothes means your diet is working, even if the number on the scale hasn’t budged (or even increased).

Likewise, tighter-fitting clothes means you are, indeed, gaining weight during dieting, and you may need to address your concerns with a coach or fix your meal plan accordingly. Kimmi hadn’t noticed any difference, so we continued.

How is your energy level?

Often, the first effects a new diet or exercise plan are strictly psychological. Fad diets make you drop water weight like crazy, but a healthy weight loss plan takes time, consistency, and lots of hard work.

If you’re not seeing the pounds shedding off of you, or even if you’re gaining weight during dieting, check in with yourself mentally. How do you feel?

“My energy seems better,” she said. “I’m going to walk the dogs with my ankle braces on later. My ankles really hate all this extra weight.”

Remember that the point of your fitness journey is to help yourself feel healthy and good. If you’re already seeing the psychological benefits of your journey a week in, count yourself lucky!

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Gaining weight during dieting? You’re probably still adjusting

Remember that health is a marathon, not a sprint. When you’re just starting out, your body is going to rebel, because it’s still learning how to handle all the good things you’re doing for it. It hasn’t been taken care of like this in a long time, so it doesn’t necessarily know what to do yet.

Any time you start something new or bump up your intensity, you’re going to see some strange effects in the beginning. Stick with it and stay consistent for at least a couple weeks and give your body the opportunity to catch up with you.

Worst case, it’s time to modify your diet or exercise plan and find something new to try.

No problem – you’ve still spent a couple weeks investing in yourself, caring about yourself, and teaching yourself how to handle a diet plan consistently. That’s excellent!

Have you ever found yourself gaining weight during dieting? Let us know what happened down below! Your story may help someone else get over their hurdle!

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