Fitness is About the Challenge: How to stay motivated

There’s one thing that all athletes and fitness enthusiasts have in common: we love challenging ourselves. We love to push ourselves to be stronger, better, and faster on a daily basis. Even when I’m doing my squat workout for the hundredth time, I’m aiming to beat my personal best. More than anything, I want to outperform myself. Fitness is about the challenge.

Fitness is About the Challenge: The best kind of fitness motivation is the kind that comes from within - always trying to compete against yourself, push forward, inspire yourself, and do better than you did yesterday.

And for the most part, that’s the best kind of motivation.

Comparing yourself to others is dangerous, but competing against yourself is healthy.

You can – and should – chase after a specific goal. But you also need a way to keep driving yourself forward, even when your imagination is limited.

The healthiest mindset for weight training is to enjoy how it’s improving your strength. An easy way to do that is to make sure you try to get stronger every single time you lift. Just push through that last rep. Add another five pounds on your bars. Hold that plank for another five seconds.

I run my fastest when I’m trying to shave a few seconds off my quarter-mile or to test my endurance on an extra lap.

Just keep pushing.

Because fitness is about the challenge. It’s about the continuous effort to keep moving forward.

And that’s a beautiful thing. That’s what sets the people who will succeed apart. This is how we stay motivated and focused. We don’t let others distract us. Rather, we focus on ourselves and how we’re doing. We don’t reach a goal without setting a new one. Because that means sitting in a complacent comfort zone. It means you’re not making progress anymore.

So push yourself today. Make it a point to go harder than you did yesterday. Do it not only in the gym or on the mat, but also in your life. Write a few more words than you did yesterday. Make an extra sale. Up the ante. Raise the bar. Keep climbing.

And comment below to let me know how you’re going to push harder today.

Fitness is about the challenge.

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