Welcome to Get Two Fit: a different kind of fitness blog

Welcome to our first post ever here at Get Two Fit! This is a new, exciting fitness blog focused on coaching beginners down the path of health and wellness. It’s about taking care of yourself – on many different levels – so you can get to fit, learn to appreciate your body, and give yourself the love you deserve.

Our intentions: a different kind of fitness blog

We’re two best friends. We’re beginners on our fitness journey (there’s a lot more about us down below too!). We started this blog to document our steps as we blaze the trail toward living our best lives. We want this to become a positive, constructive community that’s about inspiring each other, helping people find their ways through difficult times, and above all to learn to love themselves and their bodies using health and wellness as a great first step.

About Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica. I am currently an international World Team member at Herbalife. Before Herbalife, I was the director of operations at Walton Stations, a group of radio stations in beautiful Ruidoso, New Mexico. During my second year in the job, I found myself eating poorly, exercising next to never, and ultimately being uncomfortable in my own skin.

I started my fitness journey just over one year ago. I learned to eat right and how to exercise. I also started learning about personal development and leadership and made it a point to invest in myself. Now, I run fit camps, coach others as they begin their journey, and have lost more than 30 pounds.

A snapshot of Michael and Jessica from Get Two Fit: a new, excited, different kind of fitness blog focused on helping fitness beginners to start their journeys.


About Michael

I’m Michael. I’m a YouTuber, blogger, and social media consultant. I’m a proud member of the LGBTQ community (I fall into the G), a dog lover, a yoga enthusiast (scorpion pose is my party trick), a blond, and a terrible comedian.

You can read more about me on my personal blog at TheNoker.com, where I talk about creating and the business of artistic endeavors, and on my YouTube channel, where I make videos about all of life’s problems (and how to solve them).

I was inspired to start my journey and launch this fitness blog by an interview with Alanis Morissette. She talked about how she overcame her body issues: essentially, she started to run marathons, and came to understand her body as an instrument that enabled her to do very cool things (like running a marathon), rather than an ornament to be used as a decoration. In learning to see my body as a tool, I started to value it for what it can do, rather than just for how it looks. I want everybody (pun intended) to feel as loved as I do.

I called up Jessica and asked her, “Do you wanna start a fitness blog with me?” and was met with a resounding, “Yes!” The rest is history.
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What’s next?

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Want more content!? Our first two posts are now live! Read about how your fitness journey can start with a week, or check out our Perfect 10 arm workout.

Until next time, stay beautiful.

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