Our Favorite Things: A dose of inspiration (Vol. 1)

I don’t know about you, but we love inspiring things! That’s why we feature motivational quotes on the Get Two Fit Instagram account. Inspiration drives us forward, helps us enjoy our lives by maintaining our sense of wonder, and is a great way to celebrate all our successes. And what’s more inspiring than watching masters of their arts perform? Let’s look at four incredibly inspiring performances from a few of our favorites!

Rachel Brice

Rachel Brice has always been one of my favorite belly dancers. She’s also an excellent yoga teacher, drop dead gorgeous, and inspiring as a business woman.

Perhaps my favorite performance of her was a drum solo at the de Young theater. I adore her energy, her positivity, and the overwhelming sense of how much fun she’s having. She’s enjoying herself and playing. It’s beautiful.

For more of Rachel Brice, check out the website for Studio Datura, which she opened and operates out of Portland, Oregon.

Gabby Douglas

After capturing the attention (and hearts) of America (and the world) in the 2012 Summer Olympics, Gabby Douglas has returned to our lives in this summer’s Olympic games. Her prowess as a gymnast was already inspiring in 2012, but she really knocked it out of the park this year. I dare you not to yell yaaas queen while watching her bar routine (which I can’t embed because reasons).

Hayley Williams

I’ve been on a Paramore kick lately. Hayley Williams has an incredible voice, and incredible control over it. They’re also a particularly inspiring band for me because of their rebellious streak.

Listen to this live, raw performance, in which she still manages to hit chill-inducing notes (while still making it look effortless).

Rebecca Black

I didn’t want to include two singers in this, but I love Rebecca Black so deeply that I couldn’t resist sharing her new song.

Rebecca Black inspires me because of her beginnings and how she handled failure.

As you may remember, at the ripe old age of 13, she was the most hated girl on the internet after releasing her song “Friday.” She was considered the epitome of being an untalented, privileged rich girl. But there’s nothing wrong with chasing after what you’re passionate about, just like how there’s nothing wrong with supporting your children to pursue their dreams.

Unfortunately, her first attempt at making music went viral, and the internet had a meltdown.

Her life became very difficult. She received death threats, was bullied, lost a majority of her friends, and was suddenly the target of global hatred. We treated her like either a villain or a cautionary tale – all because she committed the crime of showing up as her authentic self.

At the age of 13.

But she’s continued to fight for what she’s passionate about. She released a sequel a few years ago (which I really love – it’s a catchy song!), and then she kept working on this new song.

She also posts content to her YouTube channel where she talks about her experiences and gives advice to young women and girls. She’s all about authenticity, being yourself, loving yourself, and pushing yourself.

Rebecca Black is a damn beautiful person, and this is a damn good song.

I couldn’t ask for a better dose of inspiration.

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