How to Celebrate Successes Without Going Overboard

So you’ve done it – you’ve hit your fitness goal. Or made incredible progress toward it. You lost 5 pounds this week, leaving you just a few more pounds from your goal weight. You’ve hit 15% body fat – that’s half of what you were carrying when you started! You can now do 80 push-ups in a row… just a couple more weeks of training before you hit 100! Now it’s time to find a way to celebrate successes, but how do you do that without derailing your progress?

You know you shouldn’t reach for the wine and cupcakes… but it also feels like gross (and unsatisfying) injustice to celebrate your victory over a big bowl of quinoa and kale.

First, congratulations. You deserve a pat on the back. And if you’re like us, you probably want to tell your story – partly to brag, but mostly to help others feel as happy as you are. You know what you should do? Get in touch with us and let us know so we can feature you in our reader stories!

Next, let’s celebrate your successes (without food!).

How to Celebrate Successes Without Food

Have a dance party!

Celebrate successes with a dance party!


I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of a goofball. The best part of most of my days is when I get to put on some groovy tunes and jump around my living room like a spazz. It’s fun to unwind!

Side note: dancing also counts as cardio, and it gives you an opportunity to appreciate how your body can move. You can celebrate successes without food and start to see some of the benefits of your new healthy lifestyle in action! 

Try out your new skills

Similar to having a dance party, let’s put your body in action! Go for a stroll around the park, take a hike in the hills, or, if you’re like me, hop on the swing set and the monkey bars and start seeing what you can do. Get in touch with your inner child. Make a fool of yourself. Try some of the things you haven’t taken the time to enjoy in a while. If you’ve been losing weight with a fun activity like salsa dancing (or chicken dancing), have a night out just for your enjoyment.

Buy some fun gear!

My super-cute tree of life yoga mat from Gaiam. The perfect gift to yourself for celebrating your successes!

You know you want it…

Had your eye on my super cute yoga mat? Treat yourself! Go pick it up, along with that Jillian Michaels yoga DVD you tried out with your friend that one disastrous morning a few months ago. Your skills have probably improved! Plus, it’ll give you something to look forward to.

Note: These are affiliate links, which means if you do buy the products, the staff at Get Two Fit can keep the lights on and feed ourselves at no additional cost to you. We have personally used and genuinely enjoyed everything we have recommended. 


Breathe in, breathe out. Do some yoga. Put your hands on your stomach and tell your body how much you appreciate what it can do and how beautiful it is. Now go try it again in a hot bath with this life-changing bath bomb set from Beauty By Earth.

Brag a bit!

Even if you’re not quite ready to share your story with us (and everybody in our community), hop on Facebook and post your victory to your wall (and Like Get Two Fit on Facebook while you’re at it!). We do hope that you’ll tag us if you post on Instagram or comment on one of our posts, because we do love to hear from you, but we also understand being shy. All the same, share it with your friends! They care about you and they will want to see your happy, smiling face!

Set your next goal!

Remember Jessica’s article about how to set goals, beginning with one week at a time? When it comes time for your weekly weigh-in, don’t just check off the box from your to-do list. Take a moment to establish your next goal and figure out how to get there.

When I hit a new milestone, I love looking up things that I find inspiring. Every time I master a new yoga pose, I look up a more challenging variation to work towards. Fitness is about challenging yourself, continuously. You must always seek to out-do yourself.

Use this time to pull out your vision board and add another picture to it. Keep up the momentum.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate successes without derailing your progress? Do you have a favorite post-victory ritual? Comment below and let us know what you’re going to do next time you hit a milestone!

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